About Us

About Us

Innovative Design, Improved Efficiency, Win-win Future

The mission of WL Company is to provide the market and enterprises with high-quality interior design services and to assist partners who love design to realize the independent working style of the time and to develop together. We mainly assist enterprises in the field of interior design and construction to help them change the way of operation, sales, and operation of the interior design department, and improve their efficiency.

We provide resources and talent infrastructure and cooperation platforms for enterprises and brands, helping them interact with users and customers with the help of technology and talents, and operate more efficiently. Our business includes online interior design, consulting, education and training, resource integration, and innovative business.



We aim to build an ecosystem for the interior design field of the future.
Our vision is to let customers and partners meet, cooperate and grow together, and become the most influential enterprise.

Interior Design Ecosystem

We hope to involve more partners from all over the world, reform the existing working methods, and realize self-employment at home. Let partners from different places serve local enterprises and develop together with them

Partners Meet in WL

We set up a stage for users, enterprises and partners from different places to meet for business cooperation

Cooperate and Grow Together in WL

We provide partners with business learning and technology, allowing them to achieve time autonomy, create value, and allow participants to share benefits

The Most Influential WL

We are committed to expanding the scope of innovative services and making WL an important part of our customers' daily lives. With the continuous expansion of our business and team, we expanded from design consultants to education and training and resource integration. WL has evolved into a unique, dynamic and innovative interior design platform.