WL was founded since 2012 at home. After 2017, WL has been joint by partners from all over the world.

The company was founded to support the development of enterprises in the field of market design and construction. He believes that only by making customers and partners successful can the success of the entire field of design and construction be promoted.

We focus on customer needs and provide solutions for them. Through education and training in the ecology, design, consulting, and the integration of resources and talents, we will eventually lead our business to success.


Our platform included partners from various regions in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and China), including interior and exterior designers, draftsmen and design consultants. We provide technology and business learning, so that more people can participate and assist more small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of design and construction, and let customers in the market get better services. Your vision is our mission.

Currently, more and more partners decided to join us so that we can assist our customers more efficiently.

WL Business